Drawing Rin for my first time and I’m just like uhhhhh 😕 #sketch I’ll try hard ✨ #rinmatsuoka

Drawing Rin for my first time and I’m just like uhhhhh 😕 #sketch I’ll try hard ✨ #rinmatsuoka


Makeup Transformations (Part Two)

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Lolita the book was published in 1955. The lolita fashion did not make its appearance until around the 1980s at the earliest. Do you really think it's a coincidence that dressing like a prepubescent girl is called lolita now? Come on girl.








”come on girl I don’t know jack shit about this subject and I can’t be assed to do my research but i KNOW im right cause i cant NOT be right?? right?? come on girl, come on” <— thats you

Come on, girl, stop being an ignorant know-it-all and realize 2000+ people firmly disagrees with your ridiculous opinion. Is it really that tiresome to google the name Lolita? Appareantly dense people like you just can’t be assed to open a new tab, so here is some information for you;

LOLITA IS A SPANISH NICKNAME. LOLITA is a nickname that existed way before the book was published. It’s a spanish nickname for girls named Dolores, just like Dolly. It’s just a cute name people gave to cute girls named Dolores.

The main character in Lolita, the book, was called Dolores. Vladimir Nabokov didn’t invent the name Lolita, his main character was called Lolita because it already existed BEFORE HE WROTE THE BOOK.

The lolita FASHION took it’s name from the spanish nickname because it was a cute nickname for girls, usually feminine and cute girls, named Dolores. The sexual connotations only exist in the western world, some countries still use the name Lolita as a nickname because the name isn’t anything sexual to them, just like how lolita fashion isn’t sexual. It’s literally just the western world that sexualizes the shit out of children and convince everybody their definition is the right one. Just because you’ve been raised to believe something does not mean it’s true.

Come on, girl. Don’t be an asshat pretending like you own the world and know everything when you don’t even know how to use google. Jesus, some people are so painfully self-confident when they’ve literally got no reason to be.

Come on, girl, do your research! It’s really not that hard! :-D

petitepasserine Since you seem to be so hard up on me using Google to define lolita, I did exactly that. When I typed in: “define lolita” what came up was, Lo·li·ta lōˈlētə/noun - a sexually precocious young girl.

Woah would you look at that! Even the almighty Google agrees.

Yes, originally the term lolita may have been used as a name for dolores. I didn’t Google that but I’ll trust you. Yet, when you name a fashion that has older teens and adults that dress much like children, which have, like I’ve said, many nursery styled prints, and primary name it after a book which you know the contents too, which by definition is a a sexually precocious young girl, there is no way you can argue that the two are not correlated. Maybe if you wanted to dress like a young girl and not have people immediately think that it doesn’t have a sexual theme, you should have thought out the name better than naming it something that has so much to do with the sexualization of girls.

Using google to find a vocabulary is not research. Thats the meaning the word got after the book, not what it meant originally, and not what the fashion was named after. If you actually did your research as opposed to jumping onto the first definition probably written by some white dude, you’d see that hey, maybe these 3,000+ girls are actually right and I’m making a fool out of myself! Alas, you chose different.

And about the nursery print, as I already told you; Lolita was 12, not 5. Se didn’t wear diapers and sleep in a crib. AP making a nursery print literally has nothing to do with the book character because Lolita was not an infant. Not to mention that what, 95% of people in the lolita jfashion community finds the nursery prints rrreally weird and very few people actually wear them because, you know, we find it weird (as stated by emstrawberries)

Lolita literally means girly/girl/cute girl. NOT sexually precocious girl, which too, is wrong, because Lolita from the book wasnt sexually precocious; SHE WAS RAPED BY A PEDOPHILE.

Lolita wasn’t a sexy vixen, she was a 12 year old girl who was raped by her stepfather and abused and beat and taken advantage of. You literally quoted a definition that sexualizes rape and pedophilia. Good on you, thats what you get for not actually doing your research; blindly spreading a word that supports abuse of children! Yay!

And uh, buddy, I was born in 1995. Just because I enjoy a fashion that was created before I was born, in the 80’s, meaning I had no control over the name, doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to speak up against pedophiles sexualizing children lmao.

But yeah, congratulations, after several hours you finally opened google. Next time maybe do actual research before you use a term used to defend pedophiles, yes?

, your reply was completely idiotic. Yes, because I showed you a definition that is WHAT THE WORD IS MOSTLY KNOWN FOR, I’m supporting pedophiles. Lmao get the fuck out of here. I’m just saying, there’s a reason why it’s the main definition on google. Don’t you think there’s a reason why SO many people have questioned the correlation? Do you think if business wear was named “lolita” wear the correlation would be questioned? Of course not. It’s because frilly dresses look childlike, the main definition has to do with the sexualization of young girls, and it’s fucking werid to name a fashion of that type after it.

I never said you’re directly supporting pedophiles, I said you spread and support a definition and term that makes light of pedophilia and child abuse. Because thats literally what you’re doing if you use the word ”Lolita” as, you quoted so nicely yourself, a sexually precocious young girl. Every single person who uses the word Lolita in such a manner, be it you, Miley Cyrus or Lana Del Rey, are spreading a word that makes light of pedophiles and that sexualizes young children.

Do you know why it’s the main definition on google? Because people questioned the fact that Dolores Haze was raped. Because people blamed her sexual abuse on Dolores Haze for ”leading him on” and ”seducing him”, despite her being 12 and him being 41. It’s the main definition on google because when people read it, even in 2014, people still think it’s a romance. Thats why. Because people think it’s romantic of a stepfather to coax a 12 year old girl into sex. Even people on tumblr still think the book is a romance; THAT is why thats the main definition. Because people would rather see romance than pedophilia, even when it’s right in front of them.

And no, the main definition you, yourself quoted, isn’t ”girls who are sexualized”, because that would be correct. The main definition of Lolita is, quote you; ”a sexually precocious young girl.” That is, a child who enjoys sex, not a child who is raped, as it should be.

As I’ve already said, other countries don’t have the same relation to the word Lolita. People in countries that speak spanish still uses Lolita as a nickname, because it’s not inherently sexual. Thats just something the western society has ingrained in your brains. It’s more than likely that when lolita fashion was created, Japan, like spain, like portugal, didn’t have the same sexual connotations to the word has in, for example, america.

”Yes, because I showed you a definition that is WHAT THE WORD IS MOSTLY KNOWN FOR”; this only goes for the western society. I repeat, this only goes for the western society. It’s mostly know by this definition in the WEST, while in spain, parents are still calling their children ”Lolita”.

So theres that. You know what else is fucking weird, though? Defending peoples rights to sexualize and sexually harass young girls just because they wear a certain fashion with a certain name. Thats fucking weird.

I am in no way saying it’s okay to sexualize young girls. Does it exist though? Of course it does. I don’t know what kind of fucked up people consider the book “Lolita” to be a romance, and I don’t obviously agree with that. I know what the book is about, I’ve read it, and I do agree with what you have said as per the contents of the book I.e. that it was a rape of the innocence of a child in everyway. What I’m saying is the book exists. It has taken the word from its original meaning and because of its popularity, the word is more related to the ideas of sex and young girls. Just because that’s not okay doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. The fact that yes, lolita fashion, especially the more girly types, does in fact look like dresses young girls would wear. Just look at the style of the dress. I know I wore frilly dresses and tights and shiny shoes just like that when I was young. Yes, there are some differences but the similarities are very prominent as well. The word “lolita” has already been damaged by the book. Why can’t you just accept that and admit that maybe it wasn’t the best idea to name the fashion after that if you didn’t want the same stigma?

(one last reblog, bear with me my fellow fighters)

Oh my gosh for the last time, I didn’t name the fashion lolita. I can’t control what some people did before I was even born.

I will say this one last time because it’s had no previous effect; The word ”lolita” hasn’t been damaged by the book for every country, every language, every person. You think that because you’re too ignorant to hear this from another perspective than your own, because you’re not willing to listen to girls who speak the language that invented the name Lolita.

Lolita literally means girl/young girl in spanish. In countries that speak spanish, in 2014, today, as we speak, parents call their daughters Lolita because its a nickname. I’ll quote some people who think you’re in need of some serious education from my tumblr;

tostadaconjamon said: I’m spanish and I can tell people here are called Dolores and Dolores’ nickname is Lola and if called dearly or if you’re a young girl they call you Lolita. so yeah. it’s a thing. it’s a persons name. Everybody knows that here.

mimi-chu said: 
Lolita in spain is used in a similar same way ‘onee-chan’ is in japan. It’s a nickname. It’s only the book title because it’s the damn girl’s nickname…? The name was around for centuries before the book was even in it’s thought process…

why can’t you just accept that you’re wrong, that you’ve been wrong all along and that your western view on the world is severely biased and self-centered? 

Lolita fashion is called lolita fashion because it means ”young girl” in spanish. You’re even saying yourself that lolita looks like something a young girl would wear; so why the heck would the creators of lolita fashion name it after a book about pedophilia rather than a word that literally means young girl? 

If you don’t get it this time, I’ll accept that you’re too much of an ignoramus who’s been brainwashed by the white western society to see past your own ego and leave it at that.

I repeat for one last time; 3000 girls are against you while 1 has voiced their support for you. Thats not a coincidence.

And with that, to you, Sir, I say goodbye.


I love how women are somehow the weak ones when tons of men can’t even interact with anything pink without their confidence crumbling.

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it’s so incredibly uncomfortable and sickening to dress in lolita only to be presented as a sexual object or someone’s ~little girl fantasy~ when you’re just dressing in clothes you like and partaking in a fashion community that largely consists of teenage girls and young women - but it makes it…

All things have been set in motion in accordance with the tale: the Knight will eventually be torn in two and die, Princess Tutu will become a speck of light and vanish, days of bitter fighting will once again descend upon the Prince. That is the outline that has been set, these are the fates arranged.

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